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Originally Posted by PQC View Post
Okay people, I realize some "leapers" have lives/jobs to get to and all, but why in the hell bust your *** to get to such a rare convention as Quantum Leap only to have to bail out during the main course/main event???

A friend a couple of rows back from the front said that her row was pretty much empty until Sunday. You mean people paid several hundred dollars just to attend one day???
Some people bought their plane tickets months ago, long before we knew that Sunday, not Saturday, would end up being the big day. I'm lucky that I couldn't get a good flight time on Sunday so I decided to stay until Monday anyway.

Re the empty rows, yes, I guess they did pay so much for one day! I was in the first gold row and half the seats were empty all weekend, until people suddenly appeared on Sunday afternoon. Either they're LA locals or they're crazy to travel all that way just to see Scott's appearance and ditch the rest. I mean, just my opinion. I was wondering why there were so many empty seats, because I thought people had paid for those tickets and then didn't bother to show up at all. But I was glad that we were able to present a full house when the Big Guys showed up on Sunday.
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