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I guess it really does depend on what your opinion of what "jump the shark" really means. To me it just means when the show lost its momentum or something happened that just turns off most of the audience. For example, I like House, but all the crap thats going on with him picking new doctors has turned me off and I haven't watched it in weeks. I guess its jumped the shark for me... and don't let me get started on the crap that star trek voyager turned into. That jumped the shark the minute they started watering down chakotay's character and turned him into a wimpy yes man! Both of these are based on my opinion of what "jump the shark means"

However, Bluedana's explanation is much better, but did QL jump the shark in terms of this explanation. I guess the deviations were subtle enough (real people, evil leapers) that it really is a matter of personal opinion as to whether it fit Bluedana's explanation of "jumping the shark" Did it deviate from its original premise? No not really. But did the storylines change too much for the liking of the mass audience? Perhaps.

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