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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
Wow yikes, that definietly sounds difficult and that was a very scary time for Jews. The Holocaust I have much more second hand information on as we did whole units on World War II in more than one of my history classes. And we read Night in one of my english classes, tenth grade I think it was. Its a novel but its about a boy named Eli and his family during the Holocaust. And its a true story. Terrible things were done to those people.
Yes, a true story as told by Eli himself (with the help of an author). If I remember correctly, he had quite a large family, and he and one of his sisters were the only survivors. A brilliant novel, I still have nightmares about what I read (we read it in English class in Year 12, as if Year 12 isn't difficult and depressing enough, we get given this, "Stolen", which is a play about the Aboriginal Stolen Generations, and "One True Thing", which is a novel about a woman who has to move back in with her parents to look after her mother who is dying of cancer...)

Sort of getting back on topic... It really makes me wonder why the Jews would have just let those atrocities happen to themselves. It's obvious that some people had a fair idea what was happening (e.g. Eli only survived because he was given a tip by someone else on the train that took them to the camp, to say that he was 18, he was 14 at the time and would have been sent to the gas chamber if the Nazis knew). If people in the Jewish communities knew what was being planned, why didn't they try to escape? Why didn't they fight back? I remember seeing a movie, also a true story, I can't remember its name, but it had guy who is the newest James Bond (Daniel something) as the main character. He and his brothers saved entire Jewish communities by having them run from the ghettos and live in the woods, and at the same time create a resistance to fight off Nazis if they should come near. It's obvious that there were people trying to fight back - it just astounds me that so many just laid down and died...

Originally Posted by Chicken Boo View Post
Cowering under a picnic blanket during an atomic detonation gives people the feeling that they have control in a situation where they actually have no control. It is a psychological tool to help alleviate panic. Essentially, it's a feel-good thing.

I like to compare it to a midwife telling the husband of a woman in labor to go boil some water. He wants to help, but he's just in the way, so he is told to go boil the water. He runs off to boil water (which is completely pointless, but it takes a long time, and gets him out of the way), and thus he feels he's helping.

I have a funny story that my husband told me about something very similar that happened years ago, if you're interested.
I too would love to hear this story, but since this post is 4 years old, I doubt we ever will :P
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