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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
We all know that Billy Jean regretted giving up her baby, but I'm trying to point out that that doesn't make it a wrong. She had no freaking support system and had no salary! She was a teenager! She would not have been able to care for that baby. Changing the circumstances so that she could keep the baby was not really a more sensible route for her. She needed to finish her education and get a good job.
In this case I think it was a wrong though. From what we see of the reaction of people around her, including the kid who is the father, she had a lot of pressure from everyone to put the baby up for adoption. Maybe I'm reading more into it than is there but it seems to me like there was an element of coercion to her decision - maybe she chose to put the baby up for adoption because of that pressure from everyone but in her heart never felt it was the right decision. From what little we see she put everyone's interests and well-being above her own (deciding it was more important for the kid who was the father to finish his education than for her to finish hers, etc.). And keeping her baby didn't necessarily mean she couldn't finish her education and get a good job. Sam changing her circumstances made both possible - her father was in her life and willing to help support her/raise the baby.

I agree with you that there were problems with the way it was executed, and whether it was intentional or not, some of Sam's own privilege and prejudices and insistence on his own world view come through in this episode. Maybe it would've read better if the primary purpose of the leap was to reconcile Billie Jean and her father, the outcome being that not only would that relationship be saved but there'd be the ripple effect of her being able to keep the baby and improve her own life too.
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