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Originally Posted by isz
What exactly happend to Sam's host in the original history that Sam had to change?!(except Jane left him and went back to Cleavland,living an unhappy life)
Joe Never went on as Hamlet which we later find out is likely due to the naked thing. So his main objective was to go on for Joe as Hamlet and make sure he keeps his career. But then Sam having a big heart had to extend his job to also make sure that Neil did not force Jane back to Cleavland.

I am sorry I don't understand what you find adverage about this episode, I mean come on Hamlet naked...SCOTT NAKED! WHOOO!
everyone has their opinion though.

Originally Posted by cookiemom6067
I loved how sweet he was with his lover in this one. And, the director is hiliarious - "Oh! If only you'd SMELLED like that last week!"
I agree completely, I just love Sam's sweet side with women, and he was so tender with Jane about insisted how much talent she has and stuff. It was so sweet, and her love for him/Joe in return was very sweet and strong and very inspiring. The charactor of Niel annoyed me how he thought so lowly of his mother but he did have some absoutly halarious lines throughout the episode.

I just think this episode is a ball of fun.

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