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The reason why I love this episode is that the white characters are so well drawn. The same folks who belong to the "hunting club" immediately jump at the suggestion that they all take a day and rebuild a guy's barn. They love their families, help their neighbors - AND YET, they have an irrational hatred in their hearts that they think is normal and right and necessary (for protecting their way of life). I love that the writer was able to capture that, and didn't just make them EVIL RACISTS. In the end, it's the fact that the Grand Wizard loves his family that makes him call off the lynching. Does he change his attitude? Probably not, but he's a deeply flawed but human person.

I play and replay the scene where Sam has to insult Nathaniel (and does it so, so badly), then is crushed when Nathaniel gives it right back to him. I never felt more sorry for Sam in the whole series than in that moment.
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