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Originally Posted by leaper1 View Post
Yes, I miss Sue too, Brian. Used to chat to her daily, but not heard a word in a couple of years now, and her emails bounce. Her writer's forum site got closed because it wasn't accessed often enough which is a real shame. I tried to take ownership, but couldn't prove I knew Sue, even though I knew most of her passwords. The chap who hosted it insisted she had to contact him direct, but since we couldn't contact her that was impossible. I did wonder what would have happened if I'd been trying to adopt a site from someone who had died. Everyone who runs a site should nominate someone to take over if they can't continue for any reason, and give them full permission.
We find in schools that there are terrible problems if only one member of staff has access to something. When the finance officer left David's school, she wouldn't release her password to some software. They had to pay her to come in and change it and then tell them the new one - meantime, nobody could process checks!
Last I heard Sue had moved back in with her mum to nurse the old girl who had gone dippy. No computer access let alone internet. Real shame.
Congratulations on another anniversary, such a great site. Completed by the great people!

So many original members have gone from the site, ever hear from any of them (Daman, Sue, Rod and many others)?
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