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I thought this episode would be harder to watch than it was. It was a tough subject to tackle and it was well handled, hitting all the emotional beats just right. Also a bit of a mystery story, in that it's a case of "he said, she said."

But I'm not sure it was a very well constructed episode. We're missing what we need most - the usual exposition from Al explaining what happened to Katie and Kevin afterwards, which leaves the whole purpose of the Leap somewhat up in the air. In the original history, Katie never pressed charges, so it's unlikely that Kevin would have attacked her a second time. In the revised history, "Katie" brings the case the trial which is what provokes Kevin to attack her again - this time he gets punched out and Katie's parents call the police. So does Kevin end up in jail after all for assault and battery? I'd like to think that was the point of the Leap, to make sure Kevin got arrested even if he was found innocent of the rape.

The problem is, I find it highly unlikely Kevin would try to attack Katie mere steps from her own front door when anyone could see him and catch him. If he were that much of a psychopath he would have been arrested years earlier. So the resolution didn't quite ring true - the second attack should have taken place somewhere more remote, with witnesses happening upon the scene and being able to verify Katie's version of the story.

And I didn't even bring up the obvious impossibility of the case going to trial just a few days after charges are brought.

So, emotionally, it was very, very good. Structurally, it was a bit of a mess.
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