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Originally Posted by servo75 View Post
Maybe I'm being too technical, but somehow they got Sam to see and hear Katie. But how was it Katie was able to hear AND see the prosecutor? I was under the impression that only Al was able to see and hear Sam, even if he was touching someone, Sam could see them but not vice/versa.
Actually that's not true, in "Shock Theater" Dr Beeks was brought into the Imaging Chamber and she could see and hear Sam as well.

And while this may have freaked people out, I would think that if Sam could see and hear Katie, couldn't everyone else in 1980? Katie wasn't specifically tuned into Sam's brainwaves.
The stuff that is projected from the Imaging Chamber is tuned into Sam's brainwaves, so no, Katie wouldn't be able to be seen by the courtroom (unless it was a child under five or someone mentally ill).
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