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An exceptionally powerful episode that continues the strong start to season 4.

This episode has become rather difficult for me to watch in recent years. You see, a close friend of mine went through a similar ordeal (it wasn't a rape that took place, it was a sexual assault). And the treatment that Sam/Katie receives during this episode does hit close to home, as my friend was treated in a similar way. She had been on a date with a guy and when she disclosed what had happened to her, very few people sided with her at all. They practically all believed him. But I didn't. I knew she would never lie about something like this... Unfortunately, this story doesn't have a happy ending. The police did practically nothing to help her... Anyway, getting back to the episode.

The strongest moment in this episode has to be when Al takes Katie into the imaging chamber. That whole moment is just heartbreaking and so well shot. The gradual way in which Sam's voice is faded out and we can just hear Katie speaking. Really haunting stuff.

The ending of this episode is the only thing that doesn't work for me. It's just sloppy. Kevin wouldn't be so stupid as to attempt to rape Katie again (in her own back yard, no less!). It just didn't ring true. Sure, it was funny and gratifying to see Sam kick his *** and Al try and flick ash on him.. But unfortunately, if I can't buy what's happening on screen it just doesn't work.

My rating. Good. Would have been excellent but the ending kinda ruined it for me. We should have just seen Kevin be convicted in the court instead of him getting away with it.
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