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Wow. What a stark contrast to the previous episode. And this, is mainly why I love Quantum Leap so much. It is ever changing and ever evolving. Because having escaped from the darkness of the previous episode, here we have a much lighter ep. A Single Drop of Rain sees Sam facing an extremely daunting make it rain. Can he do it?

While I acknowledge that this isn't a truly great episode, there are so many little things I enjoy about this episode. First of all, we get a lot of nice Sam and Al scenes. Nice little interplay between them, and it's good to see them working together to see if they can somehow make it rain. Sam's desperation at the end as Al comes through the imagining chamber door never fails to make me chuckle for some reason.

Probably my favourite thing about this episode is that the whole rain issue is merely just a backdrop to the real story going on here, which contains Billy's (the leapee's) family. Billy's brother Ralph is rather annoying at times, but the sheer emotion at the end during the fight is a really touching moment. It's so gripping that we don't even hear the sound of thunder above in the heavens. And the moment where Ralph finally admits his true, undying love to Annie is just so beautiful.

I also enjoyed the character Clinton. Maybe not the main draw here, but I did feel he had a lot to offer. It was sad how Billy had helped to slowly destroy Clinton's moral compass, but I like to think the ending of this episode redeems him. And speaking of the ending, that beautiful moment where the rain starts falling never fails to bring about goosebumps.

Best scene? Without a doubt Sam praying, pleading and raging with the Almighty to make it rain. Without that scene, we wouldn't get that feeling of strong, cathartic relief when it does finally rain.

My rating. Good. An extremely solid episode.
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