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I watched this episode twice last night while taking abut it with my best friend Kristen because i wanted to see all the creepy clues and make sure i cought everything after we came up with an interesting theory on it.

First off, i love Sam's love of all people no matter what the color of thier skin or race or religion. Many times in the episode, he scolded all who used the "N" word to refer to a black person. He was very stubborn in this episode when it came to being a white lawyer defending a black woman being trialed for murdering a white man named Husten. He pleaded her not gulity even after finding out that his host Lenard had struck a deal with Husten's father to get her convicted. I loved how he claimed to have seen her innocence in her eyes, and was determined to proove it.

The weird twist in this episode is the charactor of Sadie, Husten's mother. She always seemed so calm and content, and when Sam had first talked to her, and he turned to leave, there is an odd moment there as she bids him farewell.

"Take care no Lenard, and don't step on my calalillies like last time"
"No Ma'am"
"I'll have to plant them agian"
"I'm sure they'll come back when the weather gets better"
"Sometimes i think they might never come back".

As she says the last line she looks out into the distance as if she is waiting for something, and hoping, and even Sam seems to noticem given the expression of wonder on his face as he watches her. You could somehow tell she was in her own world.

The couple times that Sam had visited Dalilah, the black woman in jail, it was difficult because he wanted to help her so bad, but she was not being much help to Sam. She had signed a confession to the crime prior, stating that when she did not return Husten's lobe for her she picked up a shot gun and shot his face off. We later find out she didn't even know what it claimed as she cannot read. It's a lie of course and when she finds out Sam lets her shed a few tears in his arms, i always find those touchy feely scenes sweet.

Sam put up a wonderful fight, and at the end it gets so twisted that its hard to follow. at the end of the episode on the final day of the trial, Sadie was called to the witness stand:

" It was my fault, you see I gave Delilah the money to get away and start a new life. We were blubbering over our goodbyes when Husten came home from hunting. He saw that Fleece in her hand and he threw it clear across the room. Broke that big Chinese vase, his father brough back from England. That's when Dalilah slapped him. Husten went wild, he hit her so hard she fell into the chifferobe. i tried to stop him, but he pushed me away. He just kept hitting her over and over, i begged for him to stop before he killed her, but he wouldn't. That's when i picked up the shot gun. *everyone gasps*. it went off so loud it made my ears ring, and Delilah started screaming, and lord child can you you see Eugene, Dalilah didn't steal the money i gave it to her, and i'll see to it that Husten tells you the truth of that, when he comes home from hunting".

Ok, so here was my best friend's and my thoery on this. Sadie isn't all right in the dead, she's a little crazy and it doesn't register in her mind that her son is dead. She thinks that he's still out hunting, and that takes us back to the calalillies and the line
"Sometimes i think they might never come back" and that wandering expression, which seems to suggest that she is really referring to her son. the only thing that doesn't fit into play is that if she doesn't realize that he's dead than what does she think happened when she picked up the shotgun and it went off? that's the one thing i still can't figure out.

All in all this was a great episode.

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