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Originally Posted by Aging Boomer
I thought it would have been a neat twist if Abagail had been guilty after all! Did anyone else find Abagail a bit "off"--not crazy, just a little creepy and not as wonderful as Sam kept saying she was? When she first appeared in this part of the trilogy, I didn't believe it was her--she hadn't aged a bit in twelve years! I didn't care for the girl playing young Abagail/Sammi Jo either, and it had nothing to do with her accent. Or rather she seemed a little miscast; she looked perfect for an Outwardly Sweet Evil Child character!
Yeah, I may be beating a dead horse - but I never liked the trilogy. The whole thing seemed "off", in my opinion. But, it's the fifth season, and something tells me they were thinking of just about anything to keep the series going. Personally, I pick and choose what I consider acceptable from the fifth season and disregard the rest of the canon - in the fifth season. Not the whole canon.

*sigh* I wonder if they had let the fans write in their suggestions for episodes they would want to see and did it that way . . . I wonder if it would have been better. It certainly would have been different, and it would have catered directly to the audience. Just a thought. I've been known to be totally and morbidly wrong.
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