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Originally Posted by bluedana
I'm really curious, isz, so please don't take this the wrong way but, how would you have preferred the episode to end? And how would you have liked Sadie to act?

(I can't stress enough that I'm not picking a fight in any way; I'm just curious.)
It's not the ending that bothered me(though the ending was much too expected. it supposed to be a twist but it something i just "could see a thousand miles away",since the first time i've had seen this episode. maybe the fact that it was Saddie was a bit surprising,but just a bit) as the acting of the actress that played Saddie bothered me.I just found her acting in the last scene in the court amm...Bad. But that's only me.

BTW when i wrote ending I ment the finale in the court house,not Sam's saying goodbye to Delila.

Tell me something... the ending court scene in this episode... is it remind you another ending of an episode in QL? Somethong Deborah Pratt also wrote...
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