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I found this part excellent. A very good Trial episode in my opinion. well written(Except the end when Sammy-Jo says she saw what really happend to Letta in Abigail's kitchen).
Another thing i want to say is,that after this part i understand,that in part one it wasn't the actress, who played abigail(and Sammy-Jo in this part) that was irritating, it was 10yo Abigail charecter. Though i stiil found the mature Abigail and Sammy-Jo Accent a bit annoying.
And befor i'll post my review for the episode,there is one more thing i want to say - I can't understand what's your problem with the character of mature Abigail.I think she was a fine written character. I can also understant why Sam could fall in love with her.But i gotta say i think that some of the feeling sam had for Abigail were an impact of Will and Sam's mind merging.
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