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I agree, I wish Jimmy and Frank hadn't been the people at risk. I was really touched by their first QL episode and this one took away from that shining achievement of Sam's.

I thought Zoe was ABSOLUTELY a female Al, with scoping out the opposite sex and making suggestive comments. Interesting that they would replicate the characters in a good vs. evil conflict. Since Sam is so good, and Alia's not all bad, should Al be countered by a prude? Just kidding.

Riddle me this batman: is the actress who plays Zoe the same one who played the housekeeper-ghostee from "Portrait For Troian"?

I guess Zoe's a different character though since the nasty ghostee could sense (or see/hear) Al. She told him, pointblank that "Strangers aren't welcome here." Zoe doesn't notice she's standing next to Al even when he's smoking a cigar and yelling at Sam.
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