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First, let me say that I love the trilogy.

But, you know, there are things that don't sit right with me. The first thing, as I've read in this thread a lot from all of you, was young Abigail. I guess we were meant to suspect her as the possible villain here and this is why she was protrayed as she was.

I remember when I saw these episodes for the first time I was a little creaped out when we went from Sam as the dad to Sam as the lover in a matter of seconds.

When Sam sees Laura in the hallway through the bedroom door we can't tell if she's really there or not. But later we find out she's alive. The only way Sam could have seen her is if she was really there. Yet Abigail doesn't see her? Sam runs to the hall and sees Abigail, yet she didn't see her own mother? And she was in the burning house (and may have actually started the fire when she appears to have confronted Lita Aider)? The woman seems to get around just fine, yet we are told she hasn't left the institution since she got there. She called a cab without being noticed??

It's these things that bug me. Having said that, though, just looking at the trilogy as a whole I find the whole story quite good and always like seeing an episode when Sam is in love. I'm just finishing off this third episode right now and am enjoying it all over again--despite those little things.
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