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Originally Posted by blue enigma View Post
Absolutely. Though I'm pretty sure it was Bellisario himself not NBC. Bellisario believed that Oswald was guilty and acted alone, and used QL to tell that version. I'm not sure but I think he was doing it in response to Oliver Stone's movie JFK which supported the conspiracy theory.
Actually I may have read/heard something about the episode in relation to the JFK documentary. DBP was disgruntled with that film as I recall. Though that's a bit unsettling to think he'd break one of his own rules.

Originally Posted by blue enigma
Also, maybe someone can else can confirm this, but I think Bellisario may have actually met Oswald. It wasn't a positive experience if the episode is anything to go by.
Indeed he did, in fact the encounter is featured in the episode. Recall the scene of a random conversation between Sam and a soldier who's name if memory serves is not spoken but if you look closely is there on the breast of his uniform. That Solider is DBP (though of course in the form of an actor portraying his younger self).

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