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Originally Posted by MichelleD View Post
My least favorite of the ten I've read so far. The concept of Sam struggling with the good and bad sides of his personality was an interesting one, but leaping into two people at the same time? I had trouble getting past that one. Sam only leapt into one person at a time. It would have made more sense to have him leaping between the two.
My view exactly.

The idea of Sam leaping into two people at once despite it making no sense as a necessity was an intriguing one, especially that the leapees carried parts of him which rival each other; his longing for home and his love of leaping. Thus I couldn't help wanting to give this novel a try. It also was the only concept in the novel series which was only possible with the head-cannon soul leaping. The TV series would not have gotten away with this.

Unfortunately it failed to be the interesting story I felt it still had the potential to be. It took longer than it should have to introduce the second leap and in the first I felt the part of him there which wanted to stop leaping was far too cruel. Even considering the much more powerful presence each part sensibly would have without balance from the other. I refuse to believe there is any side to Sam that would even consider stealing the life he borrowed or allow his actions to take lives. It especially unsettled me how cruel he behaved towards Al.
Even sleep deprived and in the frustrating dilemma they were in I found Al's irritability towards the other staff members, Tina especially, out of line.

Overall I felt the leap story and characters weren't very developed. There is little background and little insight into the life of the second Leapee. Something that could have been remedied if Sam had only leaped into one Twin or as MichelleD suggested leaped between them. Though I did very much enjoy the scenes in the waiting room I found it a little annoying that the situation wasn't somewhat obvious from early information; Ziggy having two locations on Sam and the lifeless body in the waiting room having enough brain activity for two. Granted however that it was a unique situation that they didn't even think possible. It did have me quite on edge waiting for them to figure it out.

The end moment where Al watches the two Leapees when they returned to their time was a pretty stupid inaccuracy. It's obvious knowledge that he can't remain locked on after Sam leaps out as his connection is via Sam's brainwaves. It's also suggested on the show that Al doesn't see what Sam looks like leaping out anymore than Sam himself does.

In addition the editor of this novel was quite sloppy. There were several times where the trucker leapee, Ward, who the selfish Sam embodied was misaddressed as Wade.

Honestly I wish this story had been better.

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