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Originally Posted by Bexter View Post
My husband and I started watching QL together, this is the episode where by the end he'd thrown up his hands and said Nuh!! This is crap I'm not watching it... This is such a shame because there have been so many episodes since then that I think he'd have loved. I wasn't overly fussed on the whole series either even at this point but it grew and grew on me and now I love it. (of course or I wouldn't be here) I did love the "If I'm lyin' I'm dyin'" I have an italian friend and I she talks exactly the same way, I could imagine her say 'If I'm lyin' I'm dyin'" and it just cracked me up every time.
I can understand this ... I found the episode a bit of a struggle to get through. I just don't think the genre is my cup of tea.

Another thing I've noticed about season one - it almost seems like they've thought up the type of story before the actual story itself. Like - let's make Sam a boxer, let's make Sam a gangster, let's put Sam on a farm! Which I guess is understandable, given they were establishing the show and a big variety like that was one way of drawing people's attention. Later seasons from memory are a bit more plot orientated, and character orientated, rather than situation orientated.
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