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Originally Posted by NYCSciFiFan View Post
I thought it was amazing that Sam didn't complain about leaping into a woman again. I guess Women's Lib was good for him - flats, no bra, lol.

Max Gail was awesome - I kept calling him "Wojo" and only my husband understood why.

All in all, the topic was handled well and the actors/actresses did a fine job with a good script. Still, there wasn't *that* much fun and humor in the episode to make it a real standout.
Sam's been a woman before but never a wife and mother, that added another sense of weirdness to it.

P.S. Margaret's mirror image was that a guy in drag?
I've never met anyone named Ziggy before. What does he do?
She figures things out.
She?? This Ziggy is a girl?
Sort of, yes.
Must not be much of a looker, huh?
I wouldn't let her hear you say that.
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