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Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
I don't think so, not at this stage anyway. I expect that Alia had always followed her commands without thinking that there could be another way out, and she definitely hadn't experienced the torture that she was put through after her failure. It was really only after she said that what she experienced was "worse than death" in part 2 that Sam made a plan to free her...
Perhaps assuming she'd been tortured before this was irrational but she still could have been under manipulation.
I concur that prior to crossing paths with Sam, she'd obeyed orders with the belief that there was nothing else but that doesn't indicate that she wasn't manipulated into participating in the first place.

Her obedience doesn't indicate that she was alright with it, she wouldn't have ever voiced it because she didn't believe it would accomplish anything and perhaps she'd anticipated that she could be punished for having treacherous thoughts.
Recall that she'd fought for the 'privilege' of doing the lighter assignments vs. murder.
"We had to claw our way out of hell to land simple assignments like homewrecking and adultery!"
It can be assessed that the 'we' wasn't genuine because Zoey doesn't have any objection, ruining and flushing out lives fills her with the glee of a child on Christmas morning, hence why she was the original choice as the leaper.
When she ordered Alia to kill Sam the first thing out of her mouth was:

I concur with the theory that their project was created directly to counter Sam which Alia and even Zoey clearly didn't know, suggesting that both of them are pawns, both manipulated in some form.
I'm willing to consider that perhaps Zoey actually believed what she tried to convince Alia of regarding the way out because she herself was manipulated into believing it.

I still believe that inside her, Alia did feel something genuine for Sam prior to the speech. She'd regarded him with fascination when she'd asked "do you always think about the other people?" . He'd already gotten to her by the time she was given the order to kill him because her immediate response was doubt.
"Why? He hasn't tried to stop us."
She just needed to have a gun put in her hand to be able to acknowledge that she was stewing over him almost the entire time which supports that she'd been conceding to her role for at least for a while.

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