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This is incredibly dangerous territory. Even in "M.I.A," we've never seen Al so broken, so vulnerable... It's heartbreaking! Even as I continue reading this saga, I can't stop crying because the friendship that was so established between these two amazing characters (even in the pilot, with Sam's "Swiss-cheesed" brain) means so much to me. It would be so easy to take a wrong turn with this prelude that, up until now, we as Leapers could only imagine. But, let me just say, Jennifer (if you're still here. After all, I didn't know this site even existed until a couple of months ago!) from one Leaper to another, that hasn't happened. I'm glad this story has been told in this fashion! The raw, uncensored truth behind the scars of war, the pain of abandonment and addiction, the love and support of a true friend... It showcases why Sam is so important to Al.
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