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I have the scripts for all 3 parts of Trilogy. There was SO much more that Deborah wanted to do with this--and some of it was badly cut. The end of part 1 Sam DIED.......when the ceiling fell Sam was buried under some of it, could not get up, and the last thing you read is "Al!!!!!" Sam's final scream echoes in a whirl of Quantum light .. This was shot and cut. In the script Abagail is spelled just that way. It is the way Deborah wanted it spelled in as much as Dennis himself told us the spelling of Gooshie was double o, not Gushie as it is in some stories/early stuff. I do love Triliogy and this odd obsession Sam has with Abagail and how it draws him back to this time and place 3x. There is little of 5th season I can stand, some just makes me sick. LHO for instance. Trilogy is a magic moment, it has a lot of love in it, and it was special for all who worked on it. I guess I'm seeing it from the perspective of having read the script BEFORE it was aired and falling in love with the story as written, not filmed. Scott was dear, as usual, and the kids were terrific. But that's me who thought "DearHeart" was true art and Paul Brown is really my favorite writer for the series.

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