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I'm working on a conclusion to this. Hope to have it finished...soon.

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Originally Posted by ohboy View Post
This has been bothering me lately, and I don't want to leave this undone, so I'm going to make a rather long contribution here, and sort of begin to wrap it up. If anyone would like to help finish this, go ahead. Also, if I started a third Round Robin, would there be any interest for it?

After what seemed like a few minutes, Al stopped in what appeared to be the middle of the field, away from where the crops were planted. Sam guessed that the land here was either barren, or this was the year they were letting the soil recover. Either way, Sam stopped, acting as though he knew all along this was where the land was. Justin and Uncle Buck stopped behind him, looking at the land.

"This is it, Sam. If you dig just a little ways, a few feet, you should find some oil. That should be all the proof that you need," Al informed him.

"Here's the oil," Sam told the others, pointing to the plot of line that Al was standing next to. "Justin, have you planted anything near here?"

Justin thought for a moment, and shook his head. "Come to think of it, crops never did grow well over here. Isn't that right, Uncle?"

Buck nodded. "It's funny, but you're right, we never could farm over here. But why do you think that there's oil under the land; it could just be bad soil."

Sam had an idea. He really hoped that he wasn't putting the Rogers family in danger, but he had to let them know that they needed to defend this land. "We just need to dig down a little. That's all the proof we need."

"With what?" Justin asked. "I don't think that any of us brought shovels."

Sam mentally slapped himself, realizing that he probably should have thought of that before he took the family to the middle of the farm. One of them would have to walk back, and he figured that it would be safest if he did. He didn't want one of them to start acting suspicious if they saw Bill. He chuckled, trying to act forgetful. "Sorry about that. I'll go back and get us some."

"Hurry back, Gerry," Buck said. "It's a bit chilly, and I think its about time for my nap."

"I will, Uncle," Buck said, as he began a quick walk towards the shed. He turned back to see if Al was following him or not, which thankfully, he was.

"I can't believe we forgot shovels," Al said, half-chuckling.

"Al, does this change anything?"

"I don't know; let me check," Al replied, clicking on the handlink. After reading it for a moment, he looked back up at Sam, looking very worried.

"I know that look," Sam said, looking just as worried as Al. "Something's changed, and it's not for the better."

"You got that right," Al replied. "Don't get too worried, but the time of death has changed. Now, the four of you disappear today."

"Al, that's impossible!" Sam said. "What could we have changed?"

Al shrugged his shoulders. "I guess Bill somehow found out that you knew what he knew, and got worried. Be careful, Sam, we need to take care of that nozzle soon."

"I agree," Sam nodded. Finally, they reached the tool shed, and the two entered. Sam began to look around for the shovels, though he was hit with a blast of nostalgia. This looked just like the tool shed back on the farm where he grew up. It was funny how much this leap reminded him of home. He found what he was looking for, and turned to get them, turning his back to the entrance.

"Turn around nice and slow!" a voice ordered. It sounded just like Bill's.

Sam slowly began to do as he said, raising his arms. He saw Bill standing just inside the entrance, a shotgun pointed at Sam. "I saw you on the field, Gerry. Why did you do that? Why did you go and tell them? You know what this means, don't you? You know too much, now, and I can't have that!"
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