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Default A Bold Leap Forward not on 2006 Schedule

Hi all!

I spoke with a new contact today on the phone and he gave me the latest update on A Bold Leap Forward.

Unfortunately, there are no plans to start production on A Bold Leap Forward in 2006. Nothing is in the works and he had no indication that anything would be in the works anytime soon. However, that doesn't mean something couldn't pop up at any time, he added.

This is obviously sad news but I felt I had to pass it along to you all.

He did give me an interesting bit of trivia on the original production of Quantum Leap. You know the blue titles of the episodes, cast, etc that are shown when the show opens? Well... they were done by making a black cell and cutting out the letters for each title. Then they would put the cell on a white backlit background. Then they shot it with a video camera, then with a modern linear switcher they did a simple key to cut out the shape (in other words take anything that's white and keep that shape), then they added the tint and drop shadow with the switcher as well. Presto....credits.

He kept the cell that says "Mirror Image" and has provided us a copy for the site. See how they did it on the Mirror Imaging page!

So, sad news today, but at least I have a direct line into Universal now and will be able to get the scoop on the series as soon as info comes in.

Sorry guys!

Brian Greene
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