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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
Yikes, that is one of the biggest reasons I don't like her though perhaps you have found a more tasteful way of portraying it.
The way I see it is that it was Bellisario's own fault for not writing the Quantum Leap Writer's Bible that spelled out specifically that Sam was physically Leaping. Why else would there be so much confusion and inconsistencies in the writing throughout? Bellisario should have been overseeing quality control and making sure the writers got it right. They were so obscure about it in the beginning of the series, it's no wonder so many people thought he was Leaping into people's bodies. Even Scott thought Sam was.

I got into the series when it was already in season 4. Even then, Sam was making comments about "leaping into the body of a chimp". My first full episode watched was Ghost Ship. Then I started watching the show from the beginning on the USA network. I was always confused as to whether Sam was physically or mentally Leaping. I know what the intention, by the end of the series, was now, but not then. The novels gave me a bit of insight, even if it was not the correct one. I took it and made it my own... But then again, if Sam is Leaping into himself, does it really matter?

Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
Well done on both samples, 'Remember Always' was especially intriguing. I want to know more! If you ever post it on I am so there and I am not huge on reading fanfics .

You are welcomed to see my 'Go Figure' "Oh Boy" if you'd like. Let me know and I shall post it.
Thanks! I'll take that compliment! And I'd love to read your "Go Figure" 'Oh boy'!
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