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Originally Posted by MichelleD View Post
I know this is an old thread, but has anyone happened to hear about her since this discussion was started? She is a great writer; if she has written any more books or has a blog or something I'd love to catch up with what she's doing. I did a search and haven't been able to find anything outside of the two QL novels she wrote, which is a shame.
She also wrote one of the full-length novel fanzines, Green Eggs and Ham Issue 10, which you can probably get from Agent with Style if it's not available on eBay anymore. I've started it but haven't finished yet. I'm working ridiculous hours right now so I haven't really had time to read anything. As with all of Storm's stuff it's very well-written and as always she does a great job with the characters and the fandom. The story does involve the evil leapers, which I wasn't particularly a fan of, though I do like certain things about the first two evil leaper episodes. Also bad things happen to Al in this one. But I like what I've read so far.
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