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Something occurred to me today - the way Alia's taking over of Connie affected the family, such as Frank losing his respect and loyalty for her, and Corey believing that his mother doesn't love him, wouldn't happen overnight. Corey himself claims "they're ALWAYS fighting" and told of how it had been affecting Jimmy too, not being able to sleep and blaming himself. And remember that Corey wasn't staying at the house much, with "Connie" not really keeping track (and obviously not caring). Do you think Corey was choosing to stay away as much as possible, or do you think "Connie" just kept shipping him off to get rid of him?

It's not like if the house is suddenly messy then you're going to leave the marriage and run off with another woman, or if a parent yells at a kid all of a sudden the kid believes that his parent doesn't love him/her. "Connie" must have been neglecting and abusing the family and causing conflict for a LONG time for that to happen. So I wonder, just how long HAD Alia replaced Connie for? I'd say probably a few months at least. And she must have done things so gradually that nobody would have noticed a change.

So how could she act like Connie for so long? How could the alternate project get the necessary information they need from Connie for Alia to be able to pull off such a ruse? Do you think they torture their leapees for information? I wouldn't put it past them - after all, they leapee has been removed from their own life with the promise of their life being much worse off when they return. Why would anyone agree to that unless they were under severe torture?

I really wish that if the show had continued to a sixth season, that the Alternate Project could have been explored some more.
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