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Originally Posted by jmoniz
The whole point of this Round Robin was to do something out of the norm. To quote the guidelines given in the first post:

That was the uniqueness of this Round Robin - that those contributing to it were restricted to using a minimum of words...where a thought or sentence would be stopped before it was completed for the next poster to come along and finish.

Unfortunately, since it seems some of the later contributers neglected to go back to the beginning to read the guidlines that were set out for this RR or even to read what had been added to the story previously, that uniqueness was was the coherency of the story.

Frankly, I've lost any interest in contributing to this story anymore so I guess my opinion doesn't really count. I would like to say, however, that in the future, if a RR is started, those contributing should take the time to see what kind of guidelines the originator has laid out and adhere to them as opposed to changing them to suit what they want. It would also make sense (and be courteous to those who are already contributing) to read what's been written already and make contributions that would continue the storyline as opposed to veering of in a completely different direction that makes no sense. Yes, it may mean taking time to read something first, but that's exactly what all of the previous contributors have also what's been contributed before adding to it.

I had been enjoying taking part in this right up until it veered so totally off course because of the simple lack of reading what had come before. I wonder if that turned other people off of contributing to it as well.
(sighs) Your right. I can't believe I've been alienating people here now... Apparantly I ruin things where ever I go. If anybody wants to veer things on course again, I won't do anymore contributing to this story. I'm done...

Of course, I still stand behind my original statment that it is too hard for me to read one to three sentences and keep understanding the plot! Also, I am aware that I was a "later" contributer, and for that you could have just said my name. I must say, though, I don't appreciate being told all my shortcomings as such. You could have sent this to me in a private message that you think I was going too far, instead of this. (sighs)
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