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Just finished re-watching this episode and I'm disappointed for a couple of reasons:

1. Sam gets together with Spontini's ex.
This bothered me to some degree because he was emphasizing how he could make a great single father; I thought it would have been interesting for him to be a single father. The fact he got together with the ex was incredibly predictable, too; can't we have a good ending where not everything is neatly wrapped up in one nice package?

2. Another episode where Sam is a jerk to Al.
I guess having recently re-watched "MIA" and "Leap Home" Parts One and Two, I might be more sensitive to Sam being a jerk than I might normally. It feels like whenever Al questions Sam or disagrees with him that Sam has to snark off and bring up some part of his past to throw in his face. His remark about Al's mother is totally uncalled for, and Sam never, ever apologizes for it. That bothers me, especially when Al's so willing to give so much up for Sam's behalf.
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