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Well...what can I say about The Wrong Stuff? Utterly bonkers? Yes. Jumping the shark? Maybe. Absolutely hilarious? Yes. Haha.

One of the funniest episodes of them all (maybe the funniest). Sam leaping into a chimpanzee sounds like bad fan fic when you say it aloud, but I actually think the episode works really, really well. The stakes feel so high because Sam can't properly communicate with anyone except Al throughout this leap, and we know that because of it the odds are really stacked against him. I adore Caroline Goodhall in this episode. One of my favourite female characters of the fourth season. And of course, who can forget Cory. Her and Scott were just so cute together.

And yes, as mentioned before, I do find this episode very funny. The whole running gag with the caterpillar juice gets me every time, as do nearly all the things Sam is put through in this episode.

The ending is also great, with Dr. Winger finally seeing the error of his ways when Sam saves his life as Bobo. Beautiful moment when we get a close up of both their eyes.

This is a gentler episode than some others in season 4, and I think it comes at the perfect time before the next episode (which, as you all know, is very, very heavy and dark). So yeah, an all around great episode.

My rating. Excellent. A really underrated episode, in my opinion.
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