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Originally Posted by leaper1
Ok Can I just politely request that u guys agree to differ here.
It's starting to read like isz is getting flamed, and we don't do that here.
Yeah Naggindraggin I think you are being a tad bit rough and trust me after my incident previous to joining here I know rough when I see it. I just politely made ONE soft comment asking them to move on and that was all that was needed in the first place. Helen is right, the reason I finally decided to join here is because I lurked for a while before and realized that people are extremely friendly here, and I was delighted to not see a flame in sight. If either of you still have something to say to each other might I suggest taking it to PM so it doesn't have to be the whole board's problem. Just be a little gentler naggindraggin just because I know what its like to be on their end of situations simular to this.

Sorry that was the absolute last thing I have to say on this subject. I no longer wish involvment in this; so from here on please leave me out of this. I don't like being in the middle of a disagreement especially when it has nothing to do with me. I just wanted to get naggindraggins point to isz in a gentle way to spare them the feeling I had in the incident I came to this board from. I will only be back here to discuss the correct subject of this board which is the Sammy Jo casting.

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