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Originally Posted by jmoniz
No she would have been no more than 13 or 14 at the time of appearance on QL. From the bio on her:

From her filmography:

It is possible for people to look older or younger than they are and it's not unheard of for actors and actresses to play roles that are older or younger than they are. Heck, Scott did it in QL. Although Sam's birthyear is '53 and Scott's is '54, QL's present was set about 5 years from our present which would make Scott playing a character 6 years older than he was.
I agree with Julia, she doesn't have to look thirteen to be it and that was my guess as well for her age at the time of QL appearence. Just look at me, I am 20 but if you ever saw me in person and didn't know me you would think I was 15/16. Trust me, you would people all my life have thought I am younger than I am. And like Julia said actors and actresses play charactors a few years shy of their real age all the time. Scott himself is younger than Sam. And Dean is about the same years short of Al because he is two years older than Al plus the added years to get us to QL's present time.

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