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Originally Posted by isz
What Daughter?! Sally field will turn 61yo next month. the only part she could play in this kind of project is Beth.And,honestly...I think,in a lot of ways, she remind Susan Diol in her look.Don't You?!
Umm did you miss some of my post, I said if only she were younger.
And I suppose she could make an ok Beth. And Snish so what if Susan Doil would look impossible young, some people are just like that. my aunt is going to be 50 this month yet if you saw her there is no way in hell you would guess that. She looks to be more in her thirties. So maybe Beth is one of those people who does not look her age. Sorry not trying to bash you I would never do that to anyone on purpose, just saying that there is no better actress than the original, these other suggestions to me are just aternate ideas for the case of Susan Doil not being able to return or not desiring it.

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