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Originally Posted by ohboy View Post
You know, I've noticed that there's not a lot of interest for this Round Robin, and that includes myself. Just thought I would mention that, if someone enjoyed writing and wanted to contribute.

Maybe you could be the one to revive it...
Oh the interest is there, I was just lacking inspiration, I was thinking every day.. "hey I could write some" but I think I was sufferening from writers block *L*. Maybe it was the holidays

Sam tried to think of a way to get at least some kind of information out of Al.
"Alright, then could you at least tell me why there is no data on Ginger"
Sam winced now he was doing it too, he felt like he had somehow run into Al's 'trap' and tried to recover as smoothly as possible.

Al in turn grinned victoriously.

Sam waited it out for a few seconds, admitting to feeling silly and going from there.
"What's up with Ziggy, Al? There's some data, right? At least give me the year."

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