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Victoria sighed and gazed off toward the small corn field that Sam first leaped into. "As soon as your grandpa Buck came down with his sickness I have been consumed with trying to take care of him and haven't had much time to take care of the farm. When your dad died, shortly before you left for school things haven't been looking to good for the farm, Thank heaven for Justin and Bill, if it hadn't been for them we wouldn't have what little crops we do for the harvest this year."At that time Sam noticed the Imaging chamber door open and Al walk through it just behind the chair Victoria was sitting at. "Justin is Gerry's Brother and Bill is Victoria's boyfriend and Grandpa Bucks doctor The cat sitting on Victoria's lap hissed as it noticed Al and jumped off of Victoria's lap and went running toward the weathered looking barn."I'm not here to see you anyway" Al said as he saw the cat hiss at him and run off. Despite himself Sam had to hide his grin at the scene. "Cat probably belonged to a witch before" Al muttered "My I wonder what has gotten into Snickers today he seems to be awfully jumpy" Victoria wondered."Must be the heat" Sam offered to which Victoria nodded and said."Ain't that the truth man these dog days of Summer will be the death of me""I'm going to help you all out mom with the farm, we won't lose it I promise but in the meantime I have to go look around and find out what all needs to be done." Sam said."All right Gerry don't be long dinner is at 6 and you better not be late""What and miss a homecooked meal from my mom. Not a chance. See you then""With that Sam got up and walked toward the barn. He always felt like he was home whenever his leaps landed him on a farm. It always brought him back to before he left for M.I.T. Upon entering the barn Sam turned to Al and said. "Al I'm sorry for the way I snapped at you earlier, you didn't deserve it and it was uncalled for.""Peh" Al retorted. "After all the years of leaping through time with you I can only imagine that stress would build up. It isn't your fault. Plus what kind of an admiral would I be if I let something like that bother me.""Anyway Al, I know why I'm here I have to help these people keep their farm, "Sam explained "Er not quite Sam, the farm is fine they don't get to lose it." Al Told him"Then what could I possibly be here for" Sam asked a little dejected that his idea was shot down. He looked at Al, who just looked up at Sam with a very grave look. Sam never liked that look he knew it meant trouble, more trouble then simply losing a farm. "what is it Al" Sam asked not really wanting to know the answer."In 3 days Sam Victoria, Buck and Justin and you are all found dead"...

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