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Originally Posted by angvee View Post
I remember my dad flicking channels till Quantum Leap came on. I didn't know about the show initially. And I'll know I'll get my behind whipped, but I didn't like it.
No worries! I think it's safe to say this is a free world and a free board, so everyone's entitled to their own opinion. The important thing is that you did get hooked eventually.

Originally Posted by angvee View Post
Not a day goes by without me watching it on dvd. I watch it. Study it. Look at every character, every face......
I don't watch it every day, but there certainly is a lot of material there to scrutinize. When I make my DVD captures I also study every frame and I find that there are so many details that would go unnoticed otherwise and which actually make up the fabric of the show.

Originally Posted by NYCSciFiFan View Post
I can't believe Quantum Leap isn't being shown in the US in syndication today. Glad I have so many recorded. I watch the holiday episodes at appropriate times through the year.
Yeah, QL is nowhere to be seen on TV where I live either. I'm really glad I have the complete set of DVDs. They made a wonderful Christmas present.
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