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Terry O'Quinn

If you are a LOST fan, there really is no need to explain why he is such a phenomenal actor. But just in case you aren't, let me give a few tidbits about him: he portrayed the character of John Locke, who before the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, was a poor, angry man struggling to find his purpose in life. His own father conned him out of a kidney and abandoned him and ultimately pushed him out of an 8-story window, leaving him in a wheelchair for 4 years. After crashing on the island, he was miraculously healed. He became a man of faith who believed that everything happened for a reason; that is was destiny that brought all of them to the island to stay and protect it, which brought him into conflict with Jack (the man of science). Almost every episode that focused on Locke's character brought tears to my eyes. Without giving too much away, Terry O'Quinn essentially portrayed 2 different characters simultaneously on the show during the last 2 seasons. And the other role was the exact polar opposite: a Locke much more confident in his abilities and knowledge, and who wanted to leave the island at the expense of everyone else's lives. The epitome of pure evil. In the blink of an eye, Locke became a character everyone loved, to a character everyone loved to hate!

That level of intensity he portrayed on LOST inspired me to portray him as a very dark, possibly evil character on Quantum Leap: a dark "reflection" of the Bartender, perhaps...


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