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This was always the most tolerable part of the trilogy for me and again a more plausible scenario than where it begun. The fact that Lita Aider continued her wrath on Abigail from the grave, committing suicide to frame Abigail for her own murder, I actually find to be pretty brilliant.
In some ways one must feel badly for Lita Aider considering the circumstances of her bitter rage and honestly one could question the religious conduct of the clear show in this entire story of God's denial of the justice Lita Aider so desired and wasn't exactly undeserved.
In the case of Violet if Laura Fuller were of sound mind and thus her confession taken completely seriously I could be wrong but I believe she could have faced Voluntary Manslaughter charges. Or perhaps it would be Involuntary Manslaughter. I'm not entirely sure.

Voluntary manslaughter is defined as the unlawful and intentional killing of another human being, without malice or deliberation, upon a sudden heat of passion caused by adequate provocation. Of these several elements, the defining characteristic of voluntary manslaughter is the requirement that the killing be committed upon a sudden heat of passion.
The second kind of manslaughter is known as involuntary manslaughter. This crime occurs when the defendant kills the victim by accident, but under circumstances that justify some amount of punishment. It is often said that involuntary manslaughter amounts to “criminal negligence.” In other words, the defendant acted so recklessly that the law imposes criminal liability, even though the defendant did not intend to kill. A common example of involuntary manslaughter is a drunken driver who causes an auto wreck resulting in death.
Also I researched the laws specific to the state of Louisiana and was unable to find much but it does seem as though they use these terms/definitions. It certainly must fall under one of these however. Thus Lita Aider still should have seen some justice even if it was from the grave.

Interestingly I accidentally stumbled upon an intriguing piece of information. The state of Louisiana established something in 1978, the year of this portion of the trilogy leaps called the Children's Code which allowed the short term trial of juveniles but it wasn't actually put into effect until 1992. Regardless this may not have mattered in this case since the accusation pertaining to Violet was 25 years old by 1978. I just found it pretty ironic.

Now lets talk about the Leapee, Larry Statton (apparently the third as we learn here for the first time). I found it pretty well done how they in a way foreshadowed us to that by his appearances in the first two episodes and established him to the audience as a likable character before we see Sam assume his identity. Though clearly there was some change in him by then considering how whipped that b**** of a wife seemed to have had him, I assume she's the reason it was implied that Satton didn't originally take Abigail's case.
As a side note, his reflection was by far the best done aged makeup in the entire trilogy. Honestly with characters like Beau and Marie it wasn't too believable. It was also the most interesting mind meld since Dreams having Sam suffer from Satton's heart condition.
Something about that doesn't add up for me though, how could Statton's medication relieve Sam of a condition he doesn't actually have but just feeling? Wouldn't this be a reason for it to actually harm him? Though I am unsure what Statton's medication was (I forget the name Sam had mentioned), and the following reference is fictional so be aware that I'm presenting it with a grain of salt, an episode of one of my favorite crime drams Cold Case suggested that Dijoxin a medication for an irregular heartbeat can be used to poison someone who does not need it.
This however is getting into complex territory as it involves the body vs. soul debate so just about anything could be argued here.

On to Sammy-Jo. I've never been fair to her, always judging her by the fact that she's Abigail's daughter and of my disapproval of how she was conceived. Not that there is anything to base a separate judgement on. We learn almost nothing about her. Since I am unsure if I was clear on this in my review of the second part I shall say this here; my theory that GTFW meant her to be conceived (see my review of the second part for an elaboration) is NOT approval. Though I suppose I've made more than clear throughout my entire membership here that I'm not a Sam/Abigail fan hehe and that hasn't changed. Sorry.
I believe Sammy-Jo could be a decent character if written right (which the published novel Loch Ness Leap did not in my opinion, she's ten year old Abigail all over again except she's a young adult!). I might even give her a cameo in my fanfiction, which I am hoping I can recover my beginning of., I lost it. Long irrelevant story, feel free to PM me if you want to know.
By the way I would have loved for them to discuss what her theory was to get Sam home and if they'd tried it.

Lets move on to Sam's visit to Laura Fuller in this episode as he did every time.
She says something that doesn't make sense to me, which granted is valid considering she's not in her right mind but she always seemed to suddenly become pretty clear with Sam. Especially in this episode, when she realized it was him she was suddenly almost sane.
Anyway what she said that I'm questioning was:
"Clayton said you'd come and then I'd have to tell about Violet."
She couldn't have been referring to when Sam was Clayton because she sees him, she knows he's not the person he leaps into. I'm certain this must have meant something as opposed to a mentally unstable person's babble but what?
I've already expressed my thoughts on the burns displayed on her here in connection with the fire in the first episode and have nothing to add so I'll bypass that here. I had originally intended to save that for this thread but decided to keep it with the episode it primarily focuses on.

So my overall evaluation of the trilogy as viewed for the second time:
What's changed is that now I can tolerate watching it and as I've expressed do have an improved view of some of it's plot aspects. What hasn't changed is obviously my view of Abigail, mostly as a child but also in her relationship with Sam.
So while before I am not sure I would have been able to screen cap it for my collection with my original views of it, now you can for sure expect it.

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