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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
He probably carried both, as for why he had the Glock, I would say to scare him, or take him down so that he could no longer run. There are places a person can take a bullet without dying like for example where Sam was shot in Leap Between the States. And Al being an admiral is expirenced enough with a gun to make sure he didn't get a lethal area.
Then why didn't someone shoot Stiles non-fatally or with the tranquilizer when he first came out of the waiting room?

Also, there was the whole "Stiles has to be in the waiting room thing." After all the leapees leap out of and back to the past, and Sam leaps from one past to the next, from any location, so why then when they're in the future they have to be in the waiting room?
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She figures things out.
She?? This Ziggy is a girl?
Sort of, yes.
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