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Default Experiment: Flash Round Robin

In light of complaints regarding lack of participation in the running RR's, I thought this might be worth a whirl...

This is a sort of modified Round Robin story, where each submission should fall within a range of 5-15 words and they don't necessarily need to be full sentences. (This allows some of the more long-winded of us some wiggle room in our descriptions and entries! )

Hopefully we'll get more participants, because the way I see it, if you can spare a few words to post something over at the main Chat forum, you can spare a few here too!

Just a few guidelines... Let's try to keep it as clean and as on-topic as the other RR's shall we? A little silliness can be fun, but ideally, this should be a story...

Here's my entry to start. Hope this works!

The chilly spray was the first thing Sam felt, as the leap?s tingling sensation subsided.
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