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There are no other times that he leaps outside of his lifetime. The only two instances are "Leap Between the States" and "The Leap Back". It is explained in both episodes why it is that Sam could leap before his lifetime.

In "Leap Between the States", Sam's able to leap beyond his lifetime because he leaps into his great-grandfather so it can happen due to genetics. In "The Leap Back" Sam explains that part of him and Al have sort of meshed together (he gets Al's dirty mind) which enables him to leap beyond his lifetime in this instance as well.

No other episodes happened before the year 1953. Now some of them did happen earlier in 1953 than Sam's August birthday but that opens the door of when does life begin. If you believe life begins at the moment of conception then Sam's lifetime would have actually begun in December 1952 (no indication was ever given that he was born prematurely). If you believe that life begins at birth then, yeah, I guess you could say there are other instances where he leaped out of his lifetime but that's sort of nitpicking.
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