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Originally Posted by bowspearer View Post
Ironiclly, in light of the evil leaper mention, I think that's exactly where the possible mission has come from.

We know that Lothos can recruit new leapers and new vistiors, so it's not that far fetched to presume that quite possible, something had already happened somewhere else along the timestream to affect Sam's Grandparents, or even Isaac.

I mean we know that Lothos views Sam as a priority target so why wouldn't he go after Sam in some way- especially as unlike Sam's leaps where the entity controlling them is never really known (even in the last episode), Lothos seems to be in complete control of the leapers.

Furthermore, as Alia seems to be one in a line of Leapers, it is not out of the question that the leap which potentially caused all the trouble was done by one of her predecessors and that Martin Luther King's ancestor was the target.
I doubt that - if there was another leaper somewhere there changing history, Ziggy would have sensed the changes in history. Also, I never had a problem with the reason Sam leapt there - I always just thought it was to help the slave family to escape...
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