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Originally Posted by newleaper
I have a lot of issues with this episode. I do acknowledge that the episode wasn't meant to be the finale, but I really don't like it as an episode, or a finale. Being partial to Al, I thought the writing for him seemed 'off' when he was talking directly to Sam (although I did like his search to find Sam). As horrible as this sounds, I'm not sure I like Sam changing Beth and Al's fate either. I don't know why, I just have a hard time grasping it, I guess.

I do agree with saying Sam never returned home, though. I don't think Sam would ever let himself go home, so it is 100% true to character.
I agree with you here, on both Sam "fixing" Al's marriage with Beth and Sam not coming home. I was on my soap box about how Al would be a completely changed person from the way we know and love him if he were married to Beth all those years. And also, Sam wouldn't let himself come home - unless he had a damn good reason. ^.~

Originally Posted by Snish
God, I hate this episode. No TV show should ever make me feel this bad.

Excuse me while I go cry...
I'm right behind you, Snish. No kidding.

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