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Default 15 years, Amazing!

I remember that night even though I was only 10. The main thing I remember is Sam in the Accelerator and being fascinated by it being about time travel. Being the age I was I don't think I really knew it was a series or to look for it again. I think I did not really see it again until the first Quantum Leap Week. Then I was hooked and watched it every week. I also remember not completely understanding everything at first. I never really understood were Al really was. When the show started reruns on USA and I saw the earlier episodes that I missed is when I really understood things about the Project. The thing that amazes me is how well the show has aged, it hasn't aged at all!

I suspect that we will hear something more about the new movie when they are ready to start. As much as this date means to us, I doubt the studio will say anything until they are ready. But I think it is very possible that Don B. may say something during his interview on the DVDs. If not the first season, one of the later ones.
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