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I was in on QL from the very beginning. I remember the advertising NBC had for it before the pilot even aired. It was a commercial for their Saturday night comedy line-up in '89 and it had Betty White in a dress going down the list of shows airing on Saturdays talking briefly about each one as they were listed next to her on the screen. Then at the end, Betty disappeared in a flash of blue light and a then somewhat unknown actor (although I recognized him from a tv movie called I-Man about a dad who got super powers and from the tv version of Gung Ho) appeared: a man in the same dress Betty wore saying something like, "Watch the premier of Quantum Leap next week."

I wasn't sure at first what it was about but it piqued my interest. What kind of show is this? So I tuned in and watched the pilot with the ending of Sam spitting out the pipe in the classroom and I thought, "It just ends like this?" I thought it was a movie. Then I realized it was a show and I was hooked. I went to college the following year. My freshmen year revolved around Fridays watching QL in the study lounge with other people who found the show (then going out to party...hehe). I still recall watching the Leap Home and Vietnam in that study lounge. I also recall my junior year, when everyone was packed in my dormroom to watch Mirror Image, realizing it was over (or was it?) and not sure what to think of it. I was disappointed with the hasty captioning about Sam never getting home but I knew the show was in trouble when one of the episodes spent 5 minutes at the end with Scott and Al as themselves on the set of the Civil War episode trying to promote the show. My lone contribution so far to the QL:TVS (Guinea Pig I & II) stemmed from what I wanted as a final episode (except now I had to change the ending so Sam could continue traveling thru time.)

My VHS tapes of the episodes was mothballed when DVD became my choice of viewing movies. Now that the DVDs are coming, I'll be glad to watch them commercial-free (and no USA logo in the corner!)

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