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Ok, since dating ourselves seem to be the key here... *hehehe* I think that I was about 16-17 years old when I saw my very first episode over at a friend's house. Going to spend the night with my friends and just having a girls night so to speak and when I popped into their house (my adopted parents house too at the time)... they told me to plop down beside them and watch this awesome show called Quantum Leap.

I can't remember what episode it was... but I do know that it caught my attention from then on. I was hooked and look at what it's done to me.

I mean... LOOK AT WHAT IT'S DONE TO ME! :rollin

And, I wouldn't have changed it for anything.

So... Happy 15th Quantum Leap.


Just as a side... I'm more than surprised that QL:TVS is still going. Five years and running. Wild... and yet... it seems right. Doesn't it?

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