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Originally Posted by NYCSciFiFan View Post
Taking it a step further, because Sam had leapt with Alia they had crossed neurons (to use an Al-ism) and that's why Thames' incessant crowing kept attracting Sam's attention.
Well, I don't think the fact that Sam took Alia with him had anything to do with he and Alia crossing neurons. All that happened is that Project Quantum Leap's technology overrode Lothos' technology and broke her free. They were never connected mentally.

Originally Posted by NYCSciFiFan View Post
I'm not buying the turnaround time on sending out another evil leaper so effortlessly. Zoe did get a bit swiss-cheesed, but not as much as should have happened to a first-time leaper, IMO. 48% probability of return within 48 hours - betcha she never told Alia that statistic. Poor Alia kept trying to get back home and the odds were probably nil.
Remember in "A Leap For Lisa" when Bingo (young Al) was leapt back into himself with a specific mission in mind? And also in "The Leap Back" when Sam leaped back to save Al's life and immediately knocked out Clifford? I believe that the Swiss-cheesing can be partially overcome if the leaper has a predetermined specific mission in mind before they leap. Alia, Sam, and even Al (in "The Leap Back") were the most Swiss-cheesed because they didn't know where they'd end up and had no mission in mind, unlike Zoey, who was hell-bent on getting revenge on Alia.

Originally Posted by NYCSciFiFan View Post
I thought that Alia's leap was interesting because she leapt blue-white, so (to our way of thinking) she was moved by the Good Force. The woman she lept into came back unharmed by the shotgun blast, which was even better.
I think it's safe to say that Alia now became a 'good' leaper just like Sam, since she was free of Lothos' technology and leapt by the same force that leaps Sam. In order for Alia to be truly free forever, Zoey had to have died so that no subsequent leaper or Lothos could ever connect to Alia's brainwaves again. Zoey was special because only she was connected to Alia's neurons and mesons.

I would say Alia leaps from place to place exactly like Sam, though with no holographic guide.

In regards to Alia being able to see Thames, both Alia's hypnosis and the fact that Sam hadn't yet touched Zoey to break through her counterpart's aura prevented Alia from seeing Zoey and Thames for most of the episode. After that, despite the fact that Alia was free from Lothos' technology, her neurons and mesons were still connected to Zoey's, thus allowing her to see Zoey, and, ultimately, Thames as well. However, I agree with what was said earlier that Zoey would be needed in order for her to see Thames, since she was linking all of them. Kill Zoey, and Thames would never be able to reach Alia.

Another interesting technicality is that whilst neither Alia nor Angel was hit by the shotgun blast since it passed through between leaps,

Zoey was shot and the fragmented bullet remained in her as she leapt out, because Meyers returned unharmed (no one seemed to notice this since the guard was preoccupied with Angel not being shot). This shows that the bullet was more or less now part of Zoey's DNA once she leapt out.

Also, keep in mind that Zoey's comment about the 48-hour window of time to get home before the percentage drops with each leap had not passed yet. So, Lothos' technology would've still been able to retrieve her at the time she got shot. Of course, since she was dying, her brainwaves were no doubt diminishing, thus Thames' connection became lost.

Clearly, Alia was always deceived about being able to get home so that she could have an incentive to keep completing Lothos' assignments.
- Chris
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