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Originally Posted by blue_enigma
Or Dirk himself was intentionally putting himself in her path. He was very persistent, despite the fact that she had a wedding ring on her finger (yes, she had the M.I.A. bracelet, too, but...). It was clear that she was very vulnerable and to a certain degree he took advantage of that.
That was also on my mind and probably the more likely scenario. He'd made very direct suggestions from the moment they'd met and seemed to have no regard at all for that M.I.A bracelet, never once even commenting on it. It was his mother who'd showed sympathy there though she'd tried some picking up as well, inviting some young woman she'd just met to dinner with herself and her son is an obvious set up attempt.

Dirk had then once again showed little interest in the fact that she was married and to a Vietnam MIA when she'd shown him the photo of Al and was telling stories about him. He didn't have a whole lot of response to any of it, it seemed more like he'd tolerated it to be polite. I can imagine him being more pissed off than sympathetic if he'd ever seen Maggie's photo or even in the original history when Beth received the message that Al was home, alive.

What bugged me the most along with the grandchildren line was how he'd made Sam out to be a douche for accusingly trying to pick Beth up when he'd done the same damn thing, in fact he'd been heavily direct:
"Oh no I love Italians, it's just too bad you have a husband."
you're the douche Dirk!

Honestly Alia is more of an entertaining consideration. I could see a lot of Dirk's behavior also having been her acting and it certainly resembles their types of leaps.

Originally Posted by blue_enigma
By the end of the leap, though, I think that changed or Sam would've leaped out as soon as he saved Skaggs' life. He didn't. He hung around long enough to be standing outside of Beth's house with Al - and it's interesting that he took that as a sign that Al was being given a chance to say goodbye to her, not that he was being given the chance to fix things for Al and Beth.
Excellent catch which goes back to the theory that Sam chooses what is right and what is wrong. Though he'd not seen this as a valid exception to the rule he did express regret at the thought of not being able to do it.
"God Al I wish I could", there was genuine pain in his voice in this delivery. So it the fact that he'd stayed after saving Scaggs could very well have been much like Thou Shalt Not when he'd chosen to stay for the extra credit task of bringing the father and daughter back together. Except in this case as you said, he'd read it the wrong way.

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